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This is the cornerstone of my practice. By properly planning for the management and distribution of your Estate, your family will be able to avoid the high cost of Probate, Conservatorships, and similar court proceedings arising from poor planning.

A Family Trust, along with Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives and HIPAA authorizations, is the best plan for any adult who cares how and when, and in what financial condition, their estate is passed onto their loved ones.

Currently, less than 50% of the adult population of the United States has taken proper steps to avoid these costs. Bear in mind that the cost of a Probate proceeding is 6-8% of the gross value of your assets, and takes at least 12 months to complete. This is a tremendous cost to your family, both in time and money.

A Family Trust avoids these unnecessary charges.



In spite of all the reasons to avoid Probate, our office continues to handles many Probate proceedings assisting the Executor/Administrator in carrying out their duties to the heirs and to the Courts. These proceedings are highly technical and the use of an experienced, professional Attorney is a must.



Many times a person becomes unable to manage their personal care before passing, or are unable to manage their finances or resist the undue influence of others, and a Court appointed Conservator is necessary.

Our office represents the Conservator, who is seeking to take over duties for the incapacitated person, and we also represent Conservatee’s, those who need protection from others.

A properly written Estate plan, done while the person has full capacity, can usually prevent the necessity of a Court Conservatorship, as the person has already named and directed their Trustee in how to manage their affairs, and prepared a Health Care Directive to assist in making medical decisions.



Commonly, when the maker of the Family Trust passes away, the person named to take over, the Trustee, is unsure how to carry out their duties to the beneficiaries. In these instances, our office provides the necessary guidance and assistance to assure that the Trustee (s) act correctly under the Trust and the law, and avoid personal liability to the heirs for any improprieties or neglect.



Probate Litigation, Special Needs Trust Planning, Elder Laws and Medi-Cal Planning.

Mr. Schoenherr has many years experience in Corporate Formation, Business Reviews and Bankruptcy to enrich his knowledge and value to his clients.

This website has been prepared by Jeffrey T. Schoenherr, Attorney at Law, for the use of those who want to know how to protect their estates from the financial losses which can occur at death.

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